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Mistress Bella Vendetta is a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix. She did a traditional BDSM training at the world famous La Domaine Esemar 11 years ago and has been perfecting Her skills ever since.

Bella has worked with some of the top Pro Dommes in the country and continues to learn, grow and teach on her BDSM journey. Bella is available for real time sessions at Her home dungeon of La Domaine outside of Albany NY with at least three days notice. La Domaine Esemar is the world’s oldest BDSM training chateau and boasts one of the most well stocked dungeons in the northeast. Bella can also be found at the monthly couples parties at this location. Bella is also available in the Chicopee, MA area with advance notice and frequently travels to NYC and Denver, CO for sessions.

Double Domme sessions are available at most dungeon locations. Mistress Bella does NOT offer outcall services and there is a process of booking and pre scene negotiations in order to see Her. A 50% deposit will be required for ALL Sessions in any city. Session prices vary dramatically based on length, session interests and location but generally start around $300 for an hour to hour and a half of Her time.

Bella’s specialties and interests include but are not limited to:

Bella has an extensive fetish wardrobe with leather, spandex, vinyl, corsets, heels, wigs, gloves as well as a wide variety of BDSM toys and implements.

Please send a polite letter of introduction detailing what sort of session you are interested in, your experience with BDSM, and which city you would like to see Bella in. Mistress Bella vendetta does NOT take same day bookings, nor does she enegage in any prostitution or illegal activities. All sessions are done in a safe, sane and consensual manner and all limits will be respected. Sessions can range from one hour beginner to overnight and extended stay trainings.

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